J & J Lawn Care
30 Imperial Court
Asheville, North Carolina 28803

Mobile Office: 828-423-0700

About J & J Lawn Care

J & J Lawn Care is owned and operated by local Ashevillians, Johnny and Jennifer Welch.  Since 2004 it has been our dream to cultivate this small company into a wonderful partnership with the local community and each other.  We strive to achieve the greenest results in the "greenest" way possible.

We have recently taken on a new venture; we have gone organic.

Using true organic fertilizers, compost, and vermicompost for our new lawns as well as seasonal maintenance of all existing lawns.  We feel that if we do our part to take care of your soil that it will be easier for you to manage it in the future.  Using organic material and weed free seed helps promote healthy growth of your lawn and soil, in turn creating a greener more lush lawn.  You will never again have to put up a “Do not walk in grass” sign after your lawns’ fertilizer treatment, because it’s okay, the organic fertilizer will not hurt you, your children, or your pets.